Sunday Worship Meeting

We gather for Worship in the Multipurpose Room II in the Legacy Retirement Residence each Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Midweek Service

We gather weekly for a more informal, less structured meeting of the Saints each Wednesday at 5:00 in the Library at Legacy Retirement Residence.

Friday Bible Study

We meet for a weekly Bible Study each Friday morning at 10:45 in the Library at Legacy Retirement Residence.


Exodus Group Bible Study

The Exodus group meets on Thursday evenings for a in-depth Bible Study. This is a seasonal group comprised of Winter Visitors and runs from November through April each year. Call for more information!

BTW, the group was named Exodus because when the summer heat arrives, most of the members leave Arizona for cooler climates!

Living Faith Anglican Church of Mesa

Living Faith is local church that welcomes and celebrates Christians from many different traditions and backgrounds. Many of our members are residents of Legacy Retirement Residence, but we welcome Believers of any age to come and worship with us. We are a community of everyday people, called into a fellowship that is designed to promote real and Christ-centered change.

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If you have any questions about Living Faith, please contact us! Click the button to find out more about us!